Our corporate group has over 15 years of experience in the Dominican Republic, manufacturing apparel to export. Ocean Apparel Dominicana operates under a philosophy of open and participative management, committed to the quality of the products delivered to our clients, founding our management in business solutions that can sustain long-term relationships of continuous, shared growth.

Our group has a work team boasting vast knowledge in the goods and services for apparel manufacturing, and a remarkable mastery of a wide range of processes in the textile industry.

To this matter, we engage ourselves in a constant development of policies enabling the growthand the advancement of our human resources, as well as the implementation of practices that can enhance their contribution as the work force of our company, and as citizens contributing to the best causes in the community. We adhere to policies related to the preservation of the environment and a clean production.

We are pleased to introduce Ocean Apparel Dominicana as a company able to offer solutions to our clients with high-quality products capable of generating a greater sales volume and a higher profitability through an adequate differentiation of the product, up-to date fashion styles, as well as timely delivery.